Steps Making Polyphonic (midi) Ringtones
Tool Download and install the MIDI editor: PsmPlayer
Step 1 Run PsmPlayer.
Go to the File Menu and open your midi file.
Step 2

Play your music. PsmPlayer will show the total number of tracks and the current track number. For the above screen shot, the current track number is 156, the total number of tracks is 1338.
Take note of the start track number and end track number of your ringtone.

Step 3 Click on the cut button (CONV RANGE).
Enter your start track number in the "Start" field. Enter your end track number in the "End" field. Check the "Fade in" or/and "Fade out" checkboxes if you want the fade effects. Click OK button.
Step 4 Play your ringtone. If it's OK, click the red button (CONV).
Step 5 Check "Ring tone Mode" checkbox. Click OK button.
Specify the file to be saved. It's done.

Listen to your ringtone before sending it to your phone.

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