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Samsung A517
Samsung A777
Samsung Access (A827)
Samsung Ace(I325)
Samsung Alias 2 SCH-U750
Samsung Beat (T539)
Samsung Behold (T919)
Samsung Behold II
Samsung Blast (T729)
Samsung Blackjack (SGH-I607)
Samsung BlackJack II SGH-i617
Samsung Byline
Samsung Caliber R850
Samsung Comeback
Samsung Code
Samsung Convoy
Samsung Epix (I907)
Samsung Eternity (A867)
Samsung Exclaim (M550)
Samsung Finesse R810
Samsung Flight (A797)
Samsung FlipShot (U900)
Samsung Freeform/R350/R351/R355
Samsung Glyde (U940)
Samsung Gleam (U700)
Samsung Gravity SGH-T459
Samsung Gravity II/III
Samsung Highlight Fire
Samsung Highnote (M630)
Samsung Hue R600
Samsung Impression A877
Samsung Instinct (M800)
Samsung Instinct HD (M850)
Samsung Instinct S30
Samsung Intercept
Samsung Intensity U450
Samsung Intrepid (I350)
Samsung Knack (U310)
Samsung Juke U470
Samsung Jack i637
Samsung M240
Samsung M330
Samsung M510/520
Samsung Magnet A257
Samsung Memoir SGH-T929
Samsung Messenger R450
Samsung Messenger II R560
Samsung Moment (M900)
Samsung MM-A700
Samsung MM-A800(SPH-A800)
Samsung MM-A880(SPH-A880)
Samsung MM-A900(SPH-A900)
Samsung MM-A920(SPH-A920)
Samsung MM-A940(SPH-A940)
Samsung MM-A960 (SPH-A960)
Samsung MyShot
Samsung Mythic (A897)
Samsung Omnia (I910)
Samsung Omnia II
Samsung PM-A840(SPH-A840)
Samsung Reality
Samsung Reclaim (M560)
Samsung Restore M570
Samsung Rant (M540)
Samsung Renown (U810)
Samsung Rogue U960
Samsung Rugby (A837)
Samsung Saga (I770)
Samsung SCH-A437
Samsung SCH-A530
Samsung SCH-A570
Samsung SCH-A610
Samsung SCH-A630
Samsung SCH-A650
Samsung SCH-A670
Samsung SCH-A770
Samsung SCH-A790(IP-A790)
Samsung SCH-A850
Samsung SCH-A890
Samsung SCH-A930
Samsung SCH-A950
Samsung SCH-A970
Samsung SCH-A990
Samsung SCH-I730
Samsung SCH-I830
Samsung SCH-N330
Samsung SCH-U340
Samsung SCH-U540
Samsung SCH-U620
Samsung SCH-U740
Samsung Seek
Samsung SGH-C207
Samsung SGH-C225
Samsung Smiley T359
Samsung Smooth/Glint SCH-U350
Samsung Stunt SCH-R100
Samsung R550
Samsung Propel (A767)
Samsung SGH-A737/A736
Samsung SGH-C417
Samsung SGH-D307
Samsung SGH-D407/C347
Samsung SGH-D357
Samsung SGH-D415/D410
Samsung SGH-D807
Cingular SYNC (Samsung SGH-A707)
Samsung SGH-E105
Samsung SGH-E315
Samsung SGH-E317/E316
Samsung SGH-E335
Samsung SGH-E600
Samsung SGH-E635
Samsung SGH-E700
Samsung SGH-E715
Samsung Katalyst (T739)
Samsung SGH-P107
Samsung SGH-P207
Samsung SGH-P735
Samsung SGH-P777
Samsung SGH-S105
Samsung SGH-S307
Samsung SGH-T139
Samsung SGH-T219
Samsung SGH-T229
Samsung SGH-T239
Samsung SGH-T309/T319
Samsung Stripe SGH-T329
Samsung SGH-T349
Samsung SGH-T409
Samsung SGH-T429
Samsung SGH-T439
Samsung SGH-T509
Samsung SGH-T519
Samsung SGH-T609
Samsung SGH-T619
Samsung SGH-T629
Samsung SGH-T639
Samsung SGH-T659
Samsung SGH-T709
Samsung SGH-T719
Samsung SGH-T809
Samsung SGH-T819
Samsung SGH-V205
Samsung SGH-V206
Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S)
Samsung SGH-X105
Samsung SGH-X426/X427
Samsung SGH-X475
Samsung SGH-T209/X497/X495
Samsung SGH-X507
Samsung SGH-ZX10
Samsung SGH-ZX20
Samsung SLM (A747)
Samsung Solstice A887
Samsung SPH-A500
Samsung SPH-A560
Samsung SPH-A580
Samsung SPH-A600
Samsung SPH-A620 (VGA1000)
Samsung SPH-A640
Samsung SPH-A660 (VI660)
Samsung SPH-A680 (VM-A680)
Samsung SPH-A740 (PM-A740)
Samsung SPH-A760 (RL-A760)
Samsung SPH-I330
Samsung SPH-I500
Samsung SPH-I600 (SP-I600)
Samsung SPH-I700
Samsung SPH-N270(Matrix Phone)
Samsung SPH-M500
Samsung SPH-M610
Samsung SPH-N400
Samsung Strive (A687)
Samsung Sunburst (A697)
Samsung Sway (U650)
Samsung Tint SCH-R420
Samsung Trance U490
Samsung U430
Samsung UpStage (SPH-M620)
Samsung VI-A820(SPH-A820)
Samsung Z400

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