audiovox Cell Phones
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Audiovox CDM-8450 (VI600)
Audiovox CDM-8600
Audiovox CDM-8900
Audiovox CDM-8910 (PM-8912)
Audiovox CDM-8920 (PM-8920)
Audiovox CDM-8930
Audiovox CDM-8940
Audiovox CDM-9500
Audiovox CDM-9900
Audiovox CDM-9950 (Toshiba VM4050)
Audiovox PPC4100
Audiovox PPC6600 (PPC-6601/XV6600)
Audiovox PPC6700
Audiovox SMT5600
Audiovox Thera 2032 (Toshiba 2032)
UTStarcom G'zOne Boulder
UTStarcom Blitz (TXT8010)
UTStarcom G'zOne Type-V
Verizon CDM-8945 (PN-230)
Verizon CDM 180
Verizon PN-215

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